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Installed a network card in my LC 475...stupid question probably


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I received one of those new old stock Farallon cards on ebay and installed it. Seems to work but when running tests two fail. One being the cable connection (which is expected because I do not have it connected yet...just bought it for future use) and the other test that failes is the Loopback:Transceiver test.


As far as the small help section in the app goes, it says all should pass other than the cable connection if it is disconnected. But is that true? Is there something up with this card or is that loopback test requiring some kind of loopback cable? The two other loopback tests (loopback controller and loopback encoder/decoder) pass tests just fine.


Any insight is appreciated!

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might be able to get something like 1Mb half duplex over phone lines, I did that in my apartment after disconnecting them from the outside world (but the run from wall to junction box to wall was really short in terms of telephone cables)

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Now it's a real computer!


I would set up a file share and run almost everything from the network drives if it were my setup. Problem is AppleTalk is deprecated so you'll have to kludge around it. Some ideas here: http://lowendmac.com/2007/vintage-mac-networking-and-file-exchange/



Good info, thanks! Looks like another old Mac (well not as old) is needed to communicate via AppleTalk....obviously. Man, Apple really had a way of keeping you inside of their ecosystem!

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That looks nice enough. The FTP client of choice back in the days of your old LC475 was Fetch, which runs on older versions of MacOS.


I wish I could remember the name of the (expensive, proprietary) utility we used to make Windows shares available to old Macs over AppleTalk, but it's been too long and the cobwebs in my brain are too thick. There's something very nice about mounting a network share as if it were locally connected on these ancient machines. They just worked. You could probably set up an old Windows server in a VM if you choose something from when they supported AppleTalk natively. I think Microsoft called it "Apple File Sharing Services."


Here is a comprehensive rundown of old Apple networking information should you choose to take it to the next level. I suspect some of the background info might be useful even for what you're trying to do.



Edit: Ooh! I remembered the name of the utility. ExtremeZ-IP from GroupLogic. If you can find and get that running, I will buy you a weird piece of beige 90s hardware with a stupid legacy Apple-only connector.

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