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Goodwill find - Samsung 712n for $10


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So, after a year or so of hitting my local Goodwill locations and always keeping an eye out for 15KHz capable displays, as luck would have it I found a near mint working 712n for $10 just laying on one of their racks. That prompted me to order the Manilla Gear IIGS VGA adapter.


Does anyone use this? What is your honest thought of the output to one of these displays?


I already have a very nice working IIGS display, but I figured it is not a bad idea to have a backup. And, depending on how good the picture quality is who knows...maybe the CRT will go into storage ;)

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I got a Samsung 512n While back. Almost the same as the 712n just smaller?

I used My snes test it. But the SNES puts out a weird 15khz signal, so Used a resolution changer / line doubler from Sony I got for cheap.

It fixed the 15khz sig. and auto set ok.

Colors are good. Lag was low enough for any apple II game to playable. You will have to do some fine tweeking of the screen setting.


Bottom line: It's probably your best non-crt option.

This link has some pretty good screen shots and reviews:


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I connected it last night and I was receiving a yellow tint on the screen. Come to find one of the brand new VGA cables from Amazon was the culprit. They don't make em like they used to...


Anyway, the picture is fantastic on this display. I did have to adjust the screen size in the settings, but otherwise no issues at all. Crisp and clear picture and no lag as far as I can tell. Tested some games and a some demos. I'll get a picture up soon :)

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Yea, Thats why I just buy a couple handfuls of various cables from GW/ Savers Etc. $2-3 bucks apiece and if they don't work, I have cabling to hack up for something else.

It's surprising how many Monster cables I have NIB just from thrifts stores.

Kinda weird that somebody spent $40+ on the thing I just bought for $3. :P


But any looking for one of theses in the future, the lists out there aren't 100%.

So I you see a 710n(instead of a 712n) for cheap, try it. the control board may be the same.

I've gotten couple monitors that like that. The 15khz refresh isn't listed a "supported" by almost any of the manufacturers.

I figure for $10, I'll give one a try. Goodwill has return policy, buts most thrift place don't. I just re-donate and move on.

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Here are some pics of it in action. I had to take the pictures in the dark with no flash to get a decent shot of how the screen looks. I am impressed. The pics look blurry though unfortunately. Stupid camera. Trust that it is VERY crisp in real life.



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