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TIcode99 output examples (TI-99/4A Rom0 - System Software)


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To share more on the progress, this is the current output of the tool I am working on:





The content in these files is the original commented source code for TI-99/4A System Rom, created by the TI developers.


Basically an assembler source code file is read in by TIcode99 and parsed to generate a new assembler source code file.

These html files are something I wanted to do for a long time already, they include rich syntax highlighting, which is only possible because the tool actually understands and categorizes the content in the code.

The tooltips (hover with the mouse on certain elements) show you detailed information about the opcode, about the symbols and their resolving, the operand type,...




The symbols can be clicked on to jump to the location where they are defined.

However with the enhanced tooltips you hardly need to jump for and back just to read the definition of the symbol.

All this is done automatically and can be done for any Tms9900 source code file.


When I change the render options to always render numbers in hexadecimal format, it generates these instead:





When I change the render options to always render numbers in decimal format, it generates these instead:





Here are the original source files for reference:






See also the formerly used thread where people helped me get this far:


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small update:

- If a Definition of a Constant (Symbol) has a comment next to it, it is now shown in the tooltip whereever it is referenced.

- Checkboxes to hide/show Location Counters, Comment Fields and Comment Lines.

- a space is added between each field of the lines to better copy a segment out

- internal cleanup of the code


Only the first three files got updated.




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