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ColecoVision thick vertical lines issue


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Hi guys. I'm having an issue with a ColecoVision I just got. I've looked through the forum for a similar issue, but it doesn't look like the super thin vertical line issue that comes from a bad on switch, and I've tried 2 different power supplies with no change so thats also unlikely. Ideas?


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1. Try a different power supply if you have one.

2. try leaving it warm up for a while see if that helps. It help with my system

3. It could be your video ram going bad so you could buy a kit and replace the vram or get an f18a upgrade board

4; it could be your power switch - you could disassmble and clean it up or as some of us have doen replace it witha rocker switch. This was a good solution for me.


System is work other wise? check to see if your joysticks are working in games as well.


no one?...

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In Your Rf Modulator There Are 2 Adjustment Screws; (1) For Sound / (1) For Picture,There Is A Third Screw But It Is Not A Function It Is Only A Fastener.Due To Age Of These Consoles,They Sometimes Need Adjusted,It Is Important To Remember These Systems Can Sometimes Be Fixed With "Small Work" Adjustments And Basic Principles,We Do Not Always Want To Perform Overwork Where It Is Not Needed,Therefore Examine All Basic Principles Of The System,Power Supply,Possible Adjustments Available,Overlooked Cables,Connections Etc.

Also A Cartridge Exchange In The System,(Clean Cartridge)

Hope This Helps

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Always Unplug Console No Power When Working On Any Console

These Results Will Vary,Possibly Help Or Not Help At All,However Worth While To Narrow Down Source Of Issue

Keep Power "OFF","UNPLUG CONSOLE" Adjust By Trial (Adjust Then Power On Console) Power Off Console To Readjust-Then Power Back On

Turn These Just Slightly For Results

RF Quality Would Be Based On How Well System Is Tuned In,These Are Basic Adjustments And Keep In Mind All These Systems Are Old and RF Modulators Sometimes Need Re-Built,Although This Would Be A Good Starting Point To See What Response Your System Will Have

Channel B Adjustment Is For The "Picture" Perhaps This May Give Better Quality Depending On Current Issues,If These Adjustments Do Not Prove To Help,Then At Least It Can Be Considered A Process Of Elimination. Rather Than Do Un-Neccessary Work Elsewhere On The System.

Remember "POWER OFF" Never Take Chances,Safety First When Working On These Consoles.

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