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Switchable XE Game Cartridges? SWXEGS and/or SXEGS?


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I have seen a mention here and there about "switchable XE game cartridges". I gather that these are multi-disk images that have been modified for use on XEGS cartridges. However, I cannot seem to locate much information about them or any SWXEGS ROM images anywhere. Can anyone help to point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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Well, I think there is also a simpler design (Nir made for me) to simply switch the XEGS cart off after the game has been copied to RAM. He took a normal XEGS cart pcb (no additional pcb) and added some wires, so the game could be loaded from Eprom instead of ROM and as said before the cart is switched off after the game is completely loaded/copied into RAM (so the cart ROM space is available as RAM again)...


Could not find anything under the name switchable XEGS cart, but attached some old stuff from Nir (a text, converting games into XEGS carts and two schematics) that I found in my archive. Since I cannot interpret schematics, I do not know if any of the two schematics belong to the text (and this topic) or not...



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8 minutes ago, DonQuichote said:

Hi Mr. Fish,

do you have more SXEGS gameroms? Or perhaps a link from where i can download such stuff? 


Yes, I have these two:


Spelunker [Switchable XEGS].rom


Spy vs Spy I [Switchable XEGS].rom



And then I have this archive with 11 Switchable XEGS Multi-Carts (which come from Raster/C.P.U.):


Switchable XEGS Multi-Cartridges.zip


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Here's a listing for the Mult-Carts' contents (a pretty good lineup).


Multi-Cart #01
A. Alley cat
B. Boulder Dash
C. River Raid
D. Preliminary Monty
E. Pastfinder
F. Pole Position
G. Oils Well
H. Alpha Shield

Multi-Cart #02

A. Diamondz (v1)
B. Dr. Mario
C. Isora (v3,fixed)
D. Octopus

Multi-Cart #03

A. Mr Robot And His Robot Factor
B. Mr. Do!
C. Gremlins
D. Gyruss
E. H.E.R.O.
F. K-Razy Shootout

Multi-Cart #04

A. M.U.L.E.
B. Ghostbusters
C. Air Support

Multi-Cart #05

A. Warhawk
B. Fort Apocalypse
C. Panther
D. Last Starfighter, The
E. Landscape
F. Caverns Of Mars II

Multi-Cart #06

A. International Karate
B. Ninja
C. Bruce Lee
D. Pitfall

Multi-Cart #07

A. BC's Quest For Tires
B. Zorro
C. Pharaohs Curse
D. Necromancer
E. Henry's House
F. Kid Grid

Multi-Cart #08

A. Dropzone
B. Megamania
C. Space Eggs
D. Defender
E. Megagun
F. Wall War
G. Excelsor

Multi-Cart #09

A. Nadral
B. Quasimodo
C. Space Dungeon
D. Bio-Defense
E. Sqoid
F. Seawolf II
G. Dan Strikes Back

Multi-Cart #10

A. Boulder Dash
B. Boulder Dash II
C. Boulder Dash 3
D. Boulder Dash 4
E. Boulder Dash 5
F. Boulder Dash 6
G. Boulder Dash 8

Multi-Cart #11

A. Q-Bert
B. Night Strike!
C. Tank Commander
D. Mr. TNT
E. Bubble Trouble
F. Fantastic Voyage
G. Frogger
H. Salmon Run
I. Embargo
J. Boulder Bombers
K. Jeepers Creepers
L. Frogs And Flies


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