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Repairing a 5200 door


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Scigrip 16 its on Amazon it will weld the plastic back together without fogging it like super glue


16 is water thin so you put the prices back together and use a needle bottle to wet the crack it will start to hold in a few min


Theres also sci grip 4 which is better at gap filling its about as thick as pancake syrup

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Also in a pinch you can use pvc primer and pro tips


All of these have nasty fumes do it in a well ventilated area


And do not try to wipe any excess all these take at least 24-48 hours to cure wiping will smear the plastic

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I’ve had luck with simple 2 part epoxy from Home Depot, though the adhesives above might be more robust. Caution—these others will melt the plastic and “weld” the parts together. Apply sparingly as a little goes a long way.


It’s a shame shippers are so blasé, if packed correctly there’s no reason this should happen.

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