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EPISODE 02: Electrocop Is Now Available on The Atari Lynx HandyCast


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EPISODE 02: Electrocop is now available for download. Please check it out and let me know what you think.


You listen to the episode HERE, or you can find the HandyCast at these locations:

Apple Music (iTunes)



Blog Page

Facebook Page

Twitter Handle

Also, please get in your feedback as soon as possible for EPISODE 03: Rampage, coming out later this month. Thanks!


Eat. Sleep. LYNX. Repeat.



a.k.a. Mark



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EPISODE 03 Rampage (feedback photo)

Gorilla get mad!

Gorilla get strong!
Gorilla eat building! Gorilla eat office worker! Gorilla swallow bathtub! Gorilla swipe at giant dragonfly in sky!
Gorilla fall down!
Gorilla see stars!

Get feedback in NOW for EPISODE 03: Rampage or Gorilla get really angry!

Gorilla go home now.

Eat. Sleep. LYNX. Repeat.


a.k.a. Mark

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Hey, great episode again! I start up a lot of games just to enjoy the graphics and music for a while, and this is one of those games. The presentation is spot on in Electrocop and the pseudo 3D graphics are really unique and impressive for its time. Ironically the advances in 3D led to that awful 'only 3D-games'-era in the 90s, luckily that didn't last for too long.

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Incredibly detailed podcast. I find myself on the move a lot so only got about half way through but very thorough and dig the music! What's the story of Monty? (spelling?)


Thanks for the kind words about the podcast, Clint...I really appreciate it.


After I start posting interview episodes sometime in the future, I plan on doing an interview with Monty. Not much is known about him, other than that he is from the Oxford vicinity (in the UK), his name is Montague Habersham, and he has an inexplicable fear of ostriches.



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