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Tempest's Huge List of Items for Trade


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I'm looking to trade my extra stuff for the following:


1. 2600 Games - Please see my list of things I need ( http://www.atariprotos.com/2600.txt). This is a HAVE list so if something has YES next to it it means I already have it. I need anything with a NO next to it. So as you can see, I need a lot of common and uncommon things still.


I'm really only looking for boxed games in really nice condition unless it's a loose game or manual I need to complete an empty box. So I'm not looking to acquire new loose games at this time. Boxes need to be in really nice condition, no crushing or tears. I'm going to be really picky here so I'll need pictures. Also, no PAL stuff. Just NTSC.


2. Boxed Large Black Atari 8-bit Games - You know, the original releases from 79-82ish. I already have Defender, Galaxian, Asteroids, Pac-Man (need the freaky human one), and Star Raiders, but I'm looking for others. Once again I'm going to be super picky about the condition of the boxes so keep your crushed or torn ones.


3. Vectrex Overlays - Yep I need loose overlays as I have none. Reproductions are fine as long as they look good.


4. A Nintendo Switch - Maybe a long shot, but maybe not.


Ok so what do I have for trade? I'm glad you asked. Feast your eyes on my amazing collection of crap err... Fine Goods.




Apple G4 Cube


I'm almost sad to give this up, but I know I don't have the time to dedicate to it. This is a 450MHz G4 Cube with 1.5GB of RAM (the max). It comes with the power supply, the orb speakers, clear mouse and keyboard. It also has a nice video card upgrade (GeForce 6200) which is the fastest card you could put in a cube. It currently has OS 9.2.2 an 10.5, but OS X takes a few minutes to boot due to the cube not having a temperature sensor that Leopard seems to want (there's a fix for this but I haven't done it). The only issue is a crack in the power supply casing but it's purely cosmetic and doesn't affect anything (see pictures).






Sears Video Arcade II


Here's something you don't see every day, a Sears Video Arcade II unit with two boxed controllers. The Sears Video Arcade II used special joystick/paddle combo controllers that are nearly impossible to find, much less boxed. The system itself is in good shape with some minor scratches on the label (you can see them on the right of the nameplate in the picture). However I no longer have the power supply for it, but it did work the last time I played with it a few years back.








Atari 2600


Sky Diver - Box only.

Kangaroo - Box only.

Jungle Hunt - Complete

Phoenix - Loose manual

Super Challenge Baseball - Cart only

Super Challenge Football - Cart only

Armor Ambush - Cart only

Dig Dug - Cart only

Ms. Pac-Man - Cart only

Boxing - Cart only

Pooyan - Cart only (PAL Gakken version)


RCA Selector - Allows you to select between six different 2600 games. This model does not have the built in game.







System Changer - Play 2600 games on your Intellivision. Works!






Atari 8-Bit

Atari 800 - Works! In good shape, but the door spring is missing or broken so the door has to be manually pried up. It's an easy fix from what I understand. System has the full 48K and has a homemade reset button on the side. I was told this reset button is wired directly into the 6502 so it always resets no matter what but it didn't seem to do anything when I tried it. Comes with a power supply.





Pole Position - Cart only

Q*Bert - With Manual

Atari 800 RAM Card - All the chips were stripped out of this for some reason





8-Bit Manuals

Lots of loose manuals


The Atari 400, 800, and 1200XL Home Computers Salesperson's Micro Guide - This is really neat. It's a little guide that salespeople would carry around with descriptions and factoids about all of Atari's current products.

APX Video Math Flashcards

APX Letterman

APX Seven Card Stud

APX Number Blast

APX Eastern Front (1941)

65XE & 130XE Advertisement

Atari 800 Owners Guide

Atari 1010 Owners Guide x2

Atari 600XL Owners Guide

DOS 3 Manuals

Atari BASIC Reference Guide x2

Atari 1030 Owners Guide (damaged)

PQ The Party Quiz Game Manual

Flight Simulator Reference card

Missile Command Manual (XE version)







Macintosh Hardware


Koala MacVision - Some sort of video digitizer for the Mac.






Translator One - Says it turns your Atari disk drives into Mac drives (perish the thought!)






Global Village Modem - It's a modem. Plug it in your Mac and check out that new fangled internet thing everyone keeps talking about.






Sega SG-1000/SC-3000 Games





BASIC Level III B PAL - Boxed, but no instructions

Sokoban - A My Card game

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Atari ST

Atari SF354 Manual

Atari ST Brochure

Starcross - Complete

Infidel - Complete

Atari ST Discovery Kit - Looks unused and unopened.

Monitor Adapter Plug - Looks like an RGB to ST monitor adapter plug and not a sex toy as I first thought. Possibly for use with the Jaguar.

Atari ST Power Supply #1 - This is the longer brick style power supply for the ST. Untested.

Atari ST Power Supply #2 - This is the shorter brick style power supply for the ST. Untested.














Colecovision/ ADAM


Centipede - Cart only

2010 The Text Adventure (tape/case only) x2 - One is a copy and the other is real

Flash Facts Vocabulator - Comes with the manual






Apple II


Kings Quest IV - Disks and manual

Microsoft Olympic Decathlon - Disk only

Dondra A New Beginning- Disks and manual

Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego? - Disk Only

Shogun - Disks Only

Wasteland - Disks and paragraphs book

Arthur Quest for Excalibur - Box and manuals only

Hacker - Complete

Ghostbusters - Box only

Sargon II - Box only (bad shape)

Rampage - Box and manual only (bad shape)

Xenocide (Apple IIGS) - Complete

Bards Tale III - Manual, Wheel, and Hint Book only

Flight Simulator II - Manuals only







Sega Genesis Boxes


These are all just boxes and manuals except where noted



Jurassic Park (no manual)

Ren & Stimpy - Stimpy's Invention

Mickey Mania

Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (no manual)

Kid Chamelon (manual missing front cover)

Cool Spot

Lion King

Incredible Crash Test Dummies

Greatest Heavyweights





Jaguar Boxes

Pinball Fantasies
Ruiner Pinball
Iron Soldier (stickers)


Lynx Boxes

Only those titles listed are still available. These are all box only except for Paperboy and California Games.


Paperboy - Manual only

California Games - Manual only


Battlezone 2000
Block Out
Electrocop (no top flap) - Big Box
Gates of Zendocon (lots of tape on the bottom)
Gates of Zendocon (no top flap) - Big Box
Klax (no top flap)
Malibu Bikini Volleyball
Ninja Gaiden III
Pinball Jam
Robotron 2084
Super Asteroids/Missile Command
Todds Adventure in Slimeworld (no top flap)
Unknown Telegames generic plastic clamshell
Xenophobe (no top flap)







GBA Boxes

Army Men Advance
M&M's Blast
Jimmy Nutron Boy Genius
Lady Sia
F-Zero Maximum Velocity


Odds and Ends

Eye of the Beholder (SNES) - Box only

Introduction to Basic Programming (C64) - Complete

Donkey Kong (TI99) - Cart only

Centipede (TI99) - Cart only

Castlevania 64 (N64) - Cart only

Blast Corps (N64) - Box and manual only

Extreme G (N64) - Box and manual only

Spectravideo Quick Shot Joystick

Pole Position II (7800) - Cart and box only

Coleco Electronic Baseball Handheld Mini - Sealed

Electra Find (Zenith Z-90) - Disk only

X-Wing (IBM PC) - Disks only

Bonks Adventure (TG16) - Manual only

Baseball Player Stats (TG16) - Manual only

Microsoft Basic Compiler - Compile BASIC apps for your IBM XT. You know you want to!

TRS-80 Model III/4 Dust Cover - Says Tandy on it.

Pole Position (ZX Spectrum)

Galaxian (ZX Spectrum)

Power Joy TV Plug-In Game - No idea what this is other than it's called Power Joy. Comes with the box and shipping carton.



















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Matt, on your text want list, just to he clear, things marked YES means you DO need them, and things marked NO means you don't. (as in you already have them) Is that correct?


(or yes means have it, no means need it?)

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Matt, on your text want list, just to he clear, things marked YES means you DO need them, and things marked NO means you don't. (as in you already have them) Is that correct?


(or yes means have it, no means need it?)


Sorry, that's a HAVE list. So YES means I have it and don't need it, NO means I need it. I'll try and make that more clear in the first post.


So to summarize:


NO means I need it

YES means I already have it.

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I used to have MacVision and it worked with System 6 and 7 but it didn't work on all Macintosh. It was fine on a Mac Plus but provided gibberish display on a Centris 610 and Quadra 800 so I suspect serial port speed will be an issue. Later Macintosh had faster serial port. I didn't explore much in this as I sold off MacVision and got Video Spigot Nubus that worked plus captured full color and could capture video, not just still image.

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