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I was browsing Atari Age when I came across the chronogaming posts. Mine was listed. So I decided to do it some more. But let's be clear: Crazy prices for SNES games will not allow me to do every single game. And I don't have a SNES Everdrive. I guess I could buy one, but I doubt it would see much use since I have every SNES game I want and I would use it only for this project which I doubt will experience a very long comeback. So the games I am NOT going to do are Casper, Harvest Moon, Lost Vikings 2, and probably a few more.

So what AM I going to do? I just bought NHL '98 (1997) on eBay and I think I saw a couple of games from late 1996 at the local game store I could do, which include Maui Mallard and Pinocchio. Also, I am never going to do the RPGs since I don't like them and don't like to play them. I tried Super Mario RPG once and failed even with the guide. I borrowed it from a friend when I was a kid. I returned the cartridge. I lost the Player's Guide. It turned up long after I lost contact with the guy. Last time I saw him I was the GameCube launch day. Oh well. I wonder what he's doing now.

So I guess the ol' SNES will be powered up again, the first time in a while, so I can play some SNES games.

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