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Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog - Cruizin' Twitter - March 2018 New Bubsy in a Pa


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We have a new Bubsy fan game being made!


Click on the "Player 1" to start. Arrow keys for moving left and right. X is jump, Up with X is glide. And X with down arrow is for going down through platforms.

Woolies can be hit with more variety from the front, and top, rather than just a few places on top. Nice change.

This originally appeared on twitter on this entry..

Try it out, give the guy feedback! The world needs more of the Bubster! ;)

A few other fun Bubsy this and that's on the interwebs...
Bubsy faces ripped from Bubsy 3D

This "disarming" picture of Bubsy found on Twitter...

Also from twitter...

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