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N64 thread - News, mods, homebrews, game talk

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I know Nintendo age might be a better place for this thread but I just think the community here at AtariAge is so lovely! If there already is an "official" N64 thread can someone please point me in the right direction? Or how do you guys feel about starting a new thread here?


Anyone want to start with thoughts on the new brawler64 controller? Great reviews online by MetalJesusRocks and the immortal John Hancock.

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I have a Brawler (was very surprised by it when it showed up this week), I like it pretty well. Feels good overall, and I've had no issues playing some of my favorite, timing intensive games (AKI wrestling games).


I guess there is some issue with the left trigger and the analog stick clashing with each other (like the stick locking over the trigger at times) but I haven't had a chance to go back and test that. Just saw it on the kickstarter page.


Personally I feel like the D-pad is a bit too big and because of that it FEELS like there is a delay to me. Very small "delay", and I don't think there actually is a delay...I think it is just my thumb getting used to a bigger pad with a depression in the center as opposed to the smaller, flat N64 pad. Still...in that case I prefer the original.

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