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4K Short'n'Sweet game contest - Submissions (2018 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED)


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This is the submissions thread for the 4K Short'n'Sweet game contest


All entries should be submitted before 1st of April 2018 (any time zone). For the rules, please check the main thread.


Entries should be submitted as a single zip file that includes all content.To avoid confusion about different versions, please make only one post per game.


In case of corrections before deadline, edit the original post and mark the edits clearly. Then make a new post with a short notice to make people aware of the correction, but please keep all content in the original post.


This thread is for participants and submissions only. Questions, comments, suggestions, likes, etc. should be posted in the main thread.


Let's see some great entries...

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*Markus of Marinus*


Language: TI console BASIC


Size: 4080 bytes




Climb the 15 level tower to achieve your goal. There is a map and a story in the zipfile, but they're really not necessary to play the game. It will be self-explanatory once you run the program. This game takes place on the far east coast of the provided map.



**Edit** Added pictures and another zipfile. MARKUS3.zip is the cartridge image for the game, for those of you wanting to use a cartridge to play it.





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Language: Assembly


Size: 4092 bytes, excluding TI BASIC loader


See readme.txt for more information.


*** If you run this game in an emulator that allows more than 4 sprites on a line to be displayed, please turn this off since the game relies on the 4 sprite limitation to keep the bottom lines of the screen clear of sprites. If you use an F18A that by default allows 32 sprites per line, the game will change this temporarily to allow only 4 sprites per line.


Source: https://github.com/Rasmus-M/fork


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Astro Cube

Language: Assembler

Size: 2596 bytes

It should work with stock console in a cartridge. Not yet tested in real hardware only with JS99er. Any help testing this would be appreciated :)

Geometrical figures have a war with you, apparently because you don't draw them correctly. Shoot or a heptagon can fall over your head.

Press Space to fire, S and D to move left and right.

Squares - 10 points
Triangles - 20 points
Pentagons and hexagons - 30 points
Heptagons - 50 points

Source: https://github.com/nanochess/ti994a

Comments: I've wrote this game because the first prize is a TI99/4A... what? no TI99/4A?... nevermind. :P

Edit: Didn't knew but Classic99 requires the GROM to be renamed to contain a letter G after name but before extension. Not sure if allowed by the rules to upload a 8K image (required by my Win setup)

Edit 2: Updated the game with corrections, a geometrical city background and thicker sprites (you don't feel the weight if these are wires :P) the updated game is astrocube_6000.bin





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* HeroX *




Language: Assembler


Size: 4056 bytes (after subtracting headers or loaders, Cart version is 4070 bytes after headers)


Various loaders provided. Requires Mini-Memory or Supercart with RAM, OR Editor/Assembler with 32k. Cartridge image has no RAM requirements. Play requires joystick. See readme.


Zip includes raw TIFILES and DSK image.


Join our studly and pixelated Hero on his quest to rescue the fair maiden from a blocky menace! 5 level platformer ported from an old XB game of mine (which is also included, for fun).


Source is in the zip and also at Github: https://github.com/tursilion/herox




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Inspired by the game Bump'n'Jump on IntelliVision, this version merges some higher resolution graphics from the arcade original with the single color sprite style from the IntelliVision port. Drive your car into other cars to cause both to bounce; bounced cars will crash into barriers or splash into water. Pouncing on other cars would normally smash them for points, but that was not implemented due to size. Lives are unlimited. There wasn't enough space in 4k to do sound effects or music. Winning the game is not implemented either, but upon reaching the end of the track the game will glitch out and scribble all over VDP memory until the system is reset!



Language: Assembly


Joystick is required, controls are:
Up - Accelerate to max speed of 220
Down - Brake
Left/Right - Steer
Fire - Jump when speed is 100 or greater

Sprite rotation is not implemented, so some opponent cars may disappear,
especially adjacent to the speedometer or player car. Using a F18A or
Flickering=Off in Classic99 is recommended.

Compressed using DAN2 algorithm thanks to NewColeco at AtariAge

bnp_4k.rpk - Cartridge playable in MAME (-ioport peb -ioport:peb:slot2 32kmem)
bnp_4k_c.bin - Cartridge for Classic99 or FlashROM99 (32K RAM required)
bnp_fg99.bin - Cartridge for FinalGROM99 (32K not required)

BNP_4K.BAS - TI BASIC loader for Mini-Memory cartridge (32K not required)

EDIT: Added BNP_4K.BAS and fixed bnp_4k.rpk

EDIT2: Changed comment in BNP_4K.BAS at senior_falcon's suggestion


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7th Pong

7th Pong is a 2 player game that runs on the unexpanded TI-99/4A Home Computer.
No additional RAM is required to run the game, joysticks are supported but not required.
The speech synthesizer is supported as well, but not required.



The game has a strobe effect both on the game title screen and during gameplay.
The strobe effect may cause seizures. If you are sensitive to fast shifting color variations and fast repetitive music, then please do not play the game.
No Joke!





Language: Assembly

Size: 4092 bytes (after subtracting cartridge header)


Source code and documentation: https://github.com/FilipVanVooren/7th-Pong


Download: 7th-Pong.zip


Game Play:


You are trapped in the universe of the 7th Pong.

Normal physics as known in our universe do not apply.

To start the game press the fire button on one of the joysticks or press
the space bar when playing with keyboard.

Both players start with 500 points. If you hit the ball with your paddle, then
you get +25 points. If you miss the ball, then you lose -100 points. The game
ends when one of both players has a score of 0 points.

Player 1 (Joystick) or keyboard
E = Move paddle up
X = Move paddle down

Player 2 (Joystick) or keyboard

O = Move paddle up
, = Move paddle down




  • Music sample taken of "OLD CS1" rendition of Ballblazer
  • Speech samples taken from "Bluewizzard"
  • Cartridge label designed by "Ciro" of Team Retroclouds
  • Cartridge picture by "Ciro" of Team Retrocouds
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Language: Assembler


Size: 4086 4096 bytes


It should work with a stock console in a cartridge. Tested with JS99er and by --- Ω --- in real TI using FG99. :)


This is a Berzerk clone, unfortunately 4K isn't enough for voice and sound but everything else is there ;)

  • 8-direction shooting (combine E+S+D+X plus space for fire)
  • Infinite maze
  • Scrolling maze
  • 14 progressive levels of difficulty
  • Bad robots shooting at you
  • Evil Otto
  • Changing color for robots
  • Animation like in the arcade
  • Rev.2: Evil Otto timing like in the arcade.
  • Rev.2: Random number of robots in each room.
  • Rev.2: Solved bug where bullets getting out of room would continue.
Comments: I got a TI/99-4A for testing this game and still expecting my FinalGROM99, but guess what? the TI/99-4A came non-functional! :ponder:

Edit: Thanks to PeteE for his wonderful DAN2 decompressor :thumbsup:

Edit 2: Did everyone know that my first entry was just the heating? :dunce:





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2018 4k Short'n'Sweet 4k Game Compo Winners


SECOND PLACE: Borzork by nanochess

THIRD PLACE: Bounce'n'Pounce by PeteE

Voting results graph


Full data and scoring available here.

Original thread and discussion can be found here.

Special thanks to all of our participants!

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