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2600 Works for Split Second then Dies? Help Please


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Here's a problem I've not seen before. I have a 4 switch that once you turn it on works brilliantly... for not even a full second. It then goes wonky and/or dies. I had a new voltage regulator sitting around, so I figured why not throw that on. I know a bad one can make a system crash, usually after more like 15 minutes but I figured why not try it. But it made no difference.


If I'm lightening fast, I can hit the Reset switch in time and see that the game loads successfully. Channel select switch works. Color/B&W switch works.


Any ideas before I continue throwing crap at a wall and seeing what sticks?



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It effects all games, yes.


I reheated the joints on the power socket for good measure, but it's not that. It's not really losing power, it's almost like it just loses the ability to read a game. It responds the way a non-functioning games does. Either a black screen or a bunch of waves lines, or maybe a combination.


It may be worth saying that if I turn it off and back on immediately, the game probably won't load at all, even for a split second. But if I wait a few moments, it will.

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