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The AA Store is now on ebay!


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Hi Folks,


Just noticed that Atariage is on ebay! I usually buy straight from the AAstore here on the site, but ebay has a 20% coupon sitewide valid only for today (min 25 dollar purchase). It's a good chance to pick up some games at a savings :)



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The only way to beat the homebrew scalpers is to join them and undercut them with retail prices. I hope Al steals all of their business. :grin:


Well not really joining since he isn't scalping but I agree you need to control the market. Homebrews can't be limited or they will be scalped.


Even if Al doesn't list everything, he can always add a card or something in each package to draw traffic the AA store for a bigger selection.


Unfortunately Ebay is a necessary evil.

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This is less about beating "homebrew scalpers" (there really aren't that many) and more about giving homebrew games visibility to people who might have no idea about AtariAge and the large number of homebrews that have been published in the last 15 years. And, yes, I am including AtariAge flyers in any eBay orders to help point people to the site and the store.



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