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Knight Rider 2600 flyer


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The Knight Rider TV series began in late September 1982. And wouldn't have been called a "hit" tv series until at least a few months later, if not longer, after audience feedback & ratings returns.


Pole Position was a 1982 arcade game, ported to the Atari 2600 in 1983.


So this is most likely and merely a fake mock up fantasy thrown together by an over zealous fan.

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I'm certain that's a mockup from somewhere in the infamous "Knight Rider 2600" thread. The screenshot is a modified Fatal Run screenshotsee the third screenshot from the top in this listwith the car colored black to more closely resemble the Knight 2000 (that's the car from the show, which everyone mistakenly called K.I.T.T. even though K.I.T.T. was actually the AI inside the car).

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Man this is taking me back I drew this as a mock-up art for some one was trying to port Knight Rider on the 2600 and took a snap from Fatal Run and make it look like Kitt.

I'm surprised that you didn't turn that art into a silver label cart.

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