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FCTVO Armor Battle Box Restoration

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Found this little gem for dirt cheap, seller accepted a $3.00 best offer plus $3 more to ship:




It arrived in somewhat less than perfect condition. All 4 sides crushed and missing 3 out of 4 tabs.



Extensive tape over the top and bottom flaps adds to the issues.



A previous owner also went a little nuts with a marker as well.



Here is all the tape after removal including some foam tape someone tried to use to support the cart holder since the tray was missing. Goo Gone had to be used to remove the extensive tape residue.



Box in flat form ready for repair.



I sourced a badly water damaged Lock 'N' Chase box as support pieces and tab replacements. It was too far gone to restore itself but will live again to save this rare box. These will be held in place with double sided tape and glue. This will allow the box flaps to close properly again. The flaps were also supported with cut strips from the L'N'C box as well.



The finished product (on the right) next to the same item in much better condition (left).





Title spine repair now full supported (repaired box on bottom in all of these).



Other side.



Bottom flap.



Top flap. Could not quite remove all of the marker but was able to make the serial number show much clearer.



Added proper cart tray but could not remove ghost image from overlay on the inside (repaired box on right).



Finished repair (in middle) with the spare I have for trade (left) and the near mint condition one from my collection in a box protector (far right).



Still need full color manuals for the two spares but the overlays and carts were intact. This was my first time restoring a gatefold box and I hated to cut apart another (Lock 'N' Chase box) but it was best to use the same cardboard with the same ageing and spare tabs for the best effect. Had the L'N'C box not been water damaged I never would have sacrificed it.

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Great job, now just add a cardboard insert like I make to keep it straight.

I was actually going to do that here but once I put a cart tray back inside it stayed straight on its own. I've got a few other boxes that aren't able to hold up like this one that I'm going to use your method in though. Really glad you posted that technique on the board!

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