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Convert from bitmask to screen location


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Anyone have a good way to convert from bitmask to screen locations? For the game I'm working on (which is finally coming together), I'm using a bitmask....


I'd like to be able to draw something so that if I have a value of 100011001, I'd like to be able to draw characters: * ** *. I'm currently doing this in a loop, checking each bit, but there's got to be a better way....


I'm using XB, but this will be compiled when done.



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I wrote a character defining program BITD and I used a 15 element string array indexed by the 8-bit value divided by 16 for the first nybble and the remainder for the second.


Like so:


B$(0-15) is set as the bit positions " "," *"," * "..."****", N1 and N2 are the nybble values, and B is the byte. Therefore,





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