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I am seeing how much a PGRAM+ card is to sell and also I have a few Myarc cards. I am at this point trying to get an idea how much two Myarc RS232 cards can go for along with an 80 track Myarc controller(my only one). In addition, I need to know how much a PGRAM+ card costs these days..


At this point, I am asking for assistance on how much to sell this stuff for.


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On Myarc RS-232 cards, there is absolutely nothing special about them that increases the price over the TI card. As a matter of fact, it actually sells for less than they do because the RI card can be modified to add HDX capability. Myarc disk controllers sell for between $150 and $200 on average, sometimes a bit less, sometimes a bit more--and the 80-track mod really does nothing for the selling price, as those ROMs are easy for anyone to install (and they can be purchased for under $10). p-GRAM boards usually sell for $125 to $150, sometimes more. As already noted though--if you want to know the current price, put them on eBay with a reasonably low starting price, and they will settle in at what people are willing to pay for them. That's really the only way to determine their current value.

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