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System Update Question


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Hello, haven't used my PS3 in over a year, can't remember when. Hooked it back up today and says I need a software update and can't access the PSN. Is this needed and what does it do? Not sure which version I have now. Also do the three Crash Bandicoot games meaning 1,2, and three use the analog stick or how do they control? Are they worth it? Thanks for anyone's help.

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The original Crash Bandicoot was released before Sony had analog sticks on their controllers, so that game was d-pad only. They re-released the game as a Greatest Hits, but I honestly don't remember if they added analog support or not. I know for sure that Crash 2 and 3 had analog support. I would think that the PSN versions would control the same, but I haven't played those since I own the originals.

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