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TI-99/4A Part IV (Final) video in this series - Video converters, TI99Sim,


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Thank you to everyone who's been watching the Wagner's TechTalk TI-99/4a Video Series. In this final installment, we'll discover how to replace the TI monitor with a VGA or HDMI monitor. We'll also take a quick look at the TI99Sim running on the Raspberry Pi. Finally, we'll see just how to consolidate a large collection of TI solid state cartridges into the FlashROM99.

I hope you have enjoyed this series and that it has been helpful or at least fun to watch. It certainly has been fun to create and catch up on new ways of using this fantastic little machine. I'll keep an eye on the views of these videos and if it seems folks want more, we'll see about making that happen. So like/share/comment, if you wish.

Referenced Videos:

RetroPie Bartop Base build:

RetroPie Arcade Restore:

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