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Well, I guess it's time for the big reveal.

When I started this project, there was one killer feature that I just knew I had to do. It's taken a long time, but I've finally reached the point where it can be implemented.

From the beginning, I wanted to have customizable shooters. The details of the customizations have changed over the course of development, but one thing never changed because it's so important it couldn't be dropped.

This is the shooter customization screen:


Behold, we have Norwegian curling pants.

If you don't know about Norwegian curling pants, a quick web search will bring you up to speed.

Here are the pants in action on the improved shooter sprites:


Of course, with the 5200's relatively low resolution, this checkered pattern is really all I can do. Still, I think it looks great and this is the signature feature that will make RealSports Curling the best curling game on the 5200.

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