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Time Salvo twinstick/vox question


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Not doable without some kind of a Y adapter or splitter, which I've never heard anyone do. Might have to hack your own with a couple of DB9 extension cables, but not even sure that would work. Joystick inputs would probably screw up the AtariVox side of things.

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Hmm I assumed a y into second player with the vox and fire stick.


I checked out the video, but Im not sure what to compare Seans results against. Are there missing voices or just oddly sounding voices?

I think a combination of both. Maybe he can chime in with a first person opinion.



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My final opinion: do NOT try to use AtariVox and a dual stick w/splitter if you're playing a serious game of T:ME Salvo. It's fun to get the weird sound effects that result, but the game will likely crash.

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Hmmm ok thanks so much Janitor Sean.


I was looking for something besides robotron to use this little project setup me and my little girl built one weekend. Can anyone recommend some twin sticks for 7800/2600/400-800?


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