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Kernel Paint

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Hello folks,


After the positive response from the Homebrew group on Facebook, I decided to start creating a tool for drawing out kernel code.

This would ease out development of correctly timed drawing code, using a simple drag-and-drop tool.


Here attached is a HTML demo of what I've made last 2 days. It is still very preliminary, but it is just to give the feeling.



see also on Github: https://github.com/Yvar-deGoffau/Kernel-Paint


Please send in any feedback, and I hope to find more free time in my week.

Of course, all contribution is more than welcome!

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This is a fantastic tool, Yvar de Goffau. Have you thought about making a version for reflected playfields (PF0/PF1/PF2/PF0/PF1/PF2)? I believe I modified your HTML demo correctly. I hope you don't mind. This version repeats the playfield order instead of mirroring it. This really takes the guesswork out of the cycle counts, and figuring out when it is safe to re-write to the playfield registers. :D


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Thanks for your modifications, Seldon Sims. Of course I don't mind, feel free to add things!


If you don't mind, I did add your reflected version to my Github... I didn't have time to add other functionalities yet, though.

Edited by Yvar de Goffau
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Reminds me of FridgeGrid.


Indeed it does... but mine allows much faster prototyping.


FridgeGrid is already pretty good. It is as multi-purpose as MSExcel, but you have to look up all the cycle counts for all the instructions, since it doesn't do it itself. This quickly becomes tedious...


I build this tool to be able to quickly draw out my kernel, and to not have to keep an 6502 instruction sheet and a playfield timing sheet to my side. You can actually touch the opcodes; actually you are the assembler, since you effectively drag and drop machine code!


So my tool is closer to a conventional assembler. However, it is at the moment only tuned for the VCS, and I do believe that modifying it for other machines might be a bit of an hassle...

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