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Sold my AV modded 7800 cheap ... cause


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Selling my AV modded 7800 cheap ... cause


1) I just got another machine in better condition for a reasonable price at an estate sale

2) This unit has been my personal unit for a few years now, so therefore its made out of junk parts


ok so first lets go over everything wrong:

  • the bottom case was broken right where I like to place the AV jacks, so I finished breaking it and solvent welded it back into place
  • top top case pretty much has all its screw bosses broken so I put in fatter longer screws, and on that last little twist to get everything tight, I heard snapping noises from all of them, + I squirted super glue into them all since they were split and stripped ... so god help you if you want to take it apart
  • the cart slot was improved by a previous modder, probably the same one that busted the screw bosses and has a death grip
  • the aluminum badge looks like it was used to prop up a tiller, but of course the major damage is on the logo


so what's right:

  • I have av modded the console with my typical mod board for nice clean composite out, audio is mono over stereo with pokey sound appropriately mixed in
  • Power input has been changed to a standard barrel jack connector
  • Brand new 7805 voltage regulator
  • Brand new tactile switches for power reset etc
  • the cart surround was cut away so there will be no problems with fitting aftermarket 2600 carts
  • once you wiggle past the death grip it seems to have no problems with any game I have stuck in it
  • new input filter capacitors


what you get:


Atari 7800 console, aftermarket power adapter, AV cable


What I want:


50$ Shipped USA and Paypal only




Thanks for looking










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