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Apollyon - New Alien based game for the Atari 2600


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By cheating, using the F9 (save game) and F11 (restore game) keys in Stella, I was able to destroy both generators and save the queen.


- I see now that the counter on the bottom is telling you how many humans are left alive.  

So, like Warren Robinett's Adventure, I see that there is no score or timer.  You either complete your task or you don't.  

- After a room has been cleared, it will become dark. 

- I love the flashing lights and the cut scene animations.  They create perfectly the scary ambience of the 1979 Alien film.  

- It seems to me that after both generators have been destroyed and both gates have been opened, then it is possible to travel to all of the rooms on the floor without the need to use the air ducts.  

- By cheating, I saved the queen a second time.  It seemed to me that the humans and the objects were all in the same places both times.  The objects in Warren Robinett's Adventure were fixed in game variation 1, but they were randomized in game variations 2 and 3 to offer endless replay value.  This game is wonderful, but after you solve it, it may have limited replay value.  

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