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Multi - Cartridge display unit - What is it ??


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Hi All

New here with all this Atari stuff and finding it great so far.

Question is :-0 I have acquired a muti cartridge unit for the Atari 2600 unit. What is is - A big box with 24 seperate cartridge slots for 24 seperate games. You put your Atari in the middle of the box and connect a fyling lead into the original consol slot. Switch it all on and select the cartridge you wont from 3 small bush buttons.

The unit is made by Parker Brothers and I assume it was made for shop demostrations rather then home playing.


Anyone know what I'm talking about and knowe anymore about this unit - Whats its worth , how many sold ect ect.


Many Thanks in advance Dave

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Wow, sounds cool! I've seen personal cartridge selectors and Atari/Imagic units, but I don't think I've seen a Parker Bros. POP cartridge unit before. If you can post or send us a picture it might help us find out more about it. If you don't have a place to post it and you want to send in a picture, send it to editor@atariage.com.

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Is there any way off post the pictures of this Atari multi cartridge unit up onto this site , so others can have a look and discus, what's it all about. ???

I expect the best thing to do is upload them to my site and then anybody can have a look there. Might do that soon.


Cheers Dave ( bionic-bean )

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hi dave, i guess you're the one that sent me the pics .....


welcome at atariage ;-)


unfortunately it was the first time i've seen ad heard about it too ... but some members here allready know the picture. it seems nobody knew about it ....


that kind of item is surely worth at least 1000-2000 $, if not more ... it would probably cost the triple to have one made professionally nowadays.

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Originally posted by Lemmi:

Yes there is but i still dont know how to do it, but others do it all the time


You have two options:


1. Upload the images to a web server somewhere and then use the UBB Image tags to insert the image into the message (or just provide Links to them if they're rather large).

2. Send them to us, editor@atariage.com , and we'll stick them online here at AtariAge so everyone can view them..



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