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CRT Monitor S-video shows as monochrome or black and white


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I have a Commodore 1084S-D1 monitor that has separate chroma/luma (Svideo before Svideo) inputs on the back. I recently purchased an adapter cable with male Chroma/luma for the monitor and converts to a female Svideo. I am trying to get my Atari 800xl (Bryan Svideo mod), C64 Reloaded and MIST with conversion cables ending in Svideo out working with the monitor but I only get black and white or monochome at best if I adjust the hue and color. If I use a video cable with separate chroma/luma without the adapter I get Svideo color. I'd rather be able to plug in devices with a standard svideo cable. I can't figure this one out. Anyone know what the problem is? Thanks.

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