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How do you store your expansion/interface cards?

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When I was a kid I had tons of circuit boards for everything. Calculators, computers, taken-apart handhelds, half-reassembled tvs and radios, and everything else electronic. And I stored them in big boxes, and the ones on the bottom got all scratched up and looked like shit. Not any different than a kid throwing his toys in the box at end of playtime! Today for classic computers, this simply will NOT do.


As many of you know I have a shitload of Apple II stuff. I store most of my infrequently-used expansion & interface cards in their original antistatic baggies in their original boxes along with the manuals/cables/accessories. Essentially like as if you bought it back in the day.


The loose boxless "ebay" cards currently go in a drawer/tub/box that's indexed to a simple database with notes and a photo and an assignment number like Card #223. Antistatic protected, too. While I'm happy with the NIB MIB CIB stuff, it's these loose cards that I think could be improved upon, but I'm not sure how. And what about making them aesthetically pleasing to look at? Or not..?


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What about a cabinet with multiple, shallow drawers? I'm thinking something like what a museum uses to store small artifacts; look at the storage of watches or coins or military medals to get the general idea.


Depending on the width of the drawer, you could store several cards side-by-side.


The challenge may be finding an existing solution rather than built it yourself; to not waste space, you would not want standard-depth drawers.

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