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Intellivision Flashback Overlays


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I found an extra set of Intellivision Flashback Overlays while I was cleaning out my game room. I have no idea what these are worth although it appears that people are selling one set of overlays for $5-$15. I put them on eBay with a starting bid of $1.00. Hopefully they go to someone here that wants to use them!



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Interesting bidding.


One bidder made 12 consecutive bids over a 10 minute period to become the new high bidder. I've seen this happen in other auctions and have wondered why people bid this way instead of just submitting a higher bid. My possible reasons are...


- They somehow keep convincing themselves to bid just a little more than they were willing to pay a minute earlier

- They feel a larger number of bids will scare away other bidders

- They don't understand how proxy bidding works


There must be a better reason that I'm unaware of. Thoughts?

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