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Preferred Monochrome Color?

Preferred Monochrome Display?  

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  1. 1. Any color you like...as long as it's white, green, or amber!

    • White
    • Green
    • Amber

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I like Green because I used VAX terminals at community college I went to for programming courses. The way the text glows on the screen and pixel smooth scrolling was way better than anything I've seen on a home CRT. On my Atari ST I used a desk accessory that changed colors to a green/amber text on black text on white on the fly.


I also like the ST's monochrome mode since it reminds me of the old Macs I used in high school...

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A related question: how many people here used glare filters with their monochrome monitors?

I used two primary monochrome displays, both amber: an Amdek 300A/310A (which I still have), and a Fujitsu monitor that was probably a rebadged Samsung. Both of them had the glare filter mesh applied directly to the CRT. I liked the way it softened the display, and it did its primary job well, but it wasn't so good for dusty environments because it made the screen harder to clean. I liked the removable filters that snapped into the monitor bezel; I saw one designed specifically for IBM monitors. They seem to have fallen out of favor once color displays took over.

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If I'm on a color TV, NTSC, I prefer amber, or maybe green. Those displays have artifacts and fringes that can make it hard to see the pixels. Black and white graphics maximize those. And, unless all that is intended, the resulting display is a mess.


If I'm on a monochrome monitor, or high bandwidth TV type display, like a PVM, I like just black and white. The monochrome, is sans color. Pixel art and all that tends to come across much better, as does presentation of text on a page, like some better word processors do.


Today, I have an amber monochrome display. I really like it, but would prefer it be black and white. But, I like it better than green. I also have a PVM, some Sony model or other, and have to say I should have got one much sooner. Those things are amazing! Plain old composite is way better than one would expect. If it's a better signal, s-video, or component / RGB, the thing is pixel perfect.

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I used my TI-99/4A on a 10 inch black-and-white TV. Looked just fine, though not technically monochrome. :)


It recently occurred to me that I don't think I've ever seen or heard of anyone ever using a monochrome monitor with a TI-99/4a before. So I hooked up my 99/4a to my amber Magnavox Computer Monitor 80, just for shits and giggles.


It was weird. It looked good (although there were some Venetian Blind effects going on with the black text against the orange background :P ), but also kind of wrong in a way. Like one of the defining characteristics of the 99/4a is that signature teal boot screen and menu/BASIC environment, and without it, it feels like a different system somehow.

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I used my TI-99/4A on a 10 inch black-and-white TV. Looked just fine, though not technically monochrome. :)

My very first computer/monitor pair was a TI 99/4A with a B&W TV set. It wasn't until a few years after I got my 99/4A that I used it with a color TV for the first time. I remember how surprised I was to realize that the default background color had been cyan all along!

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On 3/20/2018 at 12:37 PM, Flojomojo said:





no no no




Black text on WHITE background. I like the classic Macintosh look.


But you didn't make that a choice, so I picked GREEN, my first instinct. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits for not giving me the option I wanted.

i swear i've seen that exact fleas thing somewhere

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3 hours ago, Shawn said:

Grew up using green, Used orange but found it hurt my eyes. Later on when greyscale VGA came about I found it just a cheaper way to get VGA signal on screen and wasn't a fan cause, color is cool.

Was just reminded in a Commodore thread that I started with an Apple green monochrome for both 40- and 80-columns, which I used for about four years until I got my hands on an 80-column capable color monitor.

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