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O2em on the NES Classic - How to Select Game


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Hey everybody,

I have an O2 and a library of games, but I thought it would be fun to try playing them on my hacked NES Classic.

I installed o2em (Odyssey 2 emulator) and the games load fine, but get stuck at the "SELECT GAME" screen. No button presses on the controller has any affect.
Note: Games that bypass this screen at start-up run fine (Killer Bees & Turtles).

Anyone know a solution to this problem?


All the best,


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That's RetroArch, right? I would search their wiki for specific guidance, but in general, you want to map a controller button to a key press from the O2 keyboard. Maybe map SELECT to O2 Reset, and START to 1 on the O2 keyboard.


I'll bet you could wire up an OTG cable and attach a USB keyboard, too.


The implementation of RetroArch might be incomplete on the Mini so you could practice on your computer.

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