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Klax colours hack request


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It'd be cool to have Klax hacked so that the two blue colours look more different from each other. Playing it on my Flashback Portable, I can't make out their difference st all, which is problematic in stage 9 or whichever stage it was that started you off with 2 different blues. Playing it on an emulator isn't that much better either.

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I made one blue darker. It is built from the 08-18-1990 NTSC proto. I didn't disassemble the game. I just used Stella and HOM3. The colors seem to be in two duplicate tables. In HOM3 one table is at $1E99-$1EA0, and the other is at $2A15-$2A1C. I think at least one of the lower bits (bit 1 or bit 0) must be reserved for making the block flash. To leave those bits alone I made one of the blues darker instead of brighter.



Klax (color hack).bin

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