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Games that do not use hit detection?


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So what are some games that do not use hit detection? I figure games that do not have something being shot, games where you don't run into things, you know, pretty boring games. :P


But one such scenario that comes to mind is Dragster by Activision. Dragster works pretty independent of other items, the trick is not blowing up your engine, etc.


So what other games don't rely on interaction with other characters in the game?




(Why do I ask? Atari 2600 emulator, Virtual VCS, has a lot working, except the hit detection. So until that is resolved.)

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Starblitz and KC Munchkin Monster Maze detect collisions even when they occur off screen. Rather than being boring this creates even more action than on screen collision detection via the collision registers, so these may be fun games to test Virtual VCS with.




Depending upon what Virtual VCS supports, there are both SuperCharger and CBS RAM variants of the game on my site.

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These are all good ones to try out, and I have been made aware of different types of hit detection. Can't wait to try some of these games out.


I'm wondering if there is a hex value set I could look for in 2600 roms that would be the type of hit detection that is failing in these games that came loaded in VirtualVCS:






Yars Revenge


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Yep, all the games I listed had the 85 2C hex codes in them. Annnddd.. sure enough, Asteroids (and some of the suggested above) did not.


Oh this has the potential to be fun. Or at least I learned something new. :D


Here is a long shot: there is probably not an easy way to change the hit detection method? For example one could not simply take the 85 2C and change them to another variable to have this work another way?


Sounds like the examples given above either have a non-onscreen detection method, some in-house software method, or just simply had no hit detection like we see in puzzle games and what not.

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Just wanted to thank all for the suggestions, and so far I have been able to find a fan version of Mario Brothers (4K) that works in all but the score.


Tried Asteroids, but so far no luck with anything higher than 4K. Will keep trying because Dig Dug would also be fun.


That is more than VirtualVCS was doing before, so thanks and keep those suggestions coming.

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Hey, is there a all in one collection for the 2600 I can download to help in finding games that work on the Atari 2600 / VirtualVCS ?





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