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Atari 2600 Console Key Ring by Numskull

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My sister and I saw a TOYS “Я” US on Monday (March 19, 2018) while on our way to another place and thought we'd take a look on the way back. The store was a mess. We got a Super Mario Monopoly board game that was on sale, and two other things that weren't on sale, but they were the only ones they had left and we decided to get them before they disappeared in an upcoming sale. I finally got around to taking a few photos of them:


I did an AtariAge search and was surprised that nobody posted about them yet, or if they did, they did a good job of hiding them. Each one was around 8 dollars. More than I'd usually spend for a key ring, but these looked too good to leave on the shelf. I just checked and the Numskull key rings at Amazon are around 20 bucks, so 8 dollars wasn't so bad.

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I've always wanted to pick one of those up. Are they solid plastic?

Kind of feels like solid plastic, but how would I know for sure? Hammer?




nice find thanx 4 sharing


Maybe some other people will get some at Toys “Я” Us during the sale and post about it.

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