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Parts for Atari C-380?


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A few months ago I bought an Atari Video Pinball model C-380 from a local electronics recycler for $15. It was in pretty rough shape. The battery bay had corroded out, and when I tried to extract one of the coils, it literally disintegrated. Plugging it in with a 2600 power supply, and pressed the power button, it beeped, but that was about it. Since then I've cleaned it up, and even managed to get it working (more, or less), but I still need a few parts to finish the job. The first is a new coil for the battery bay. The original was made from a rather thick steel wire, and to my surprise I've been having some trouble finding a suitable replacement. It's not really that big of a deal, as I don't really intend to use the battery bay, but it would be nice if I could make this fully functional. Worst case scenario I can try to find the right gauge wire, and fabricate a replacement. The second part is more pressing. The power button won't stay down when you press it. At first I tried tying it down with a cord, but that got old really fast, so eventually I soldered a temporary bridge to the board, so that it's permanently on as long as it's plugged in. I've removed the switch from the board, and tried cleaning it, but it didn't help. The switch itself is sealed, so I can't get into its internals, but I think it's missing something. When I compare it to other boards I've seen on the web, my switch seems to be missing a squarish plastic part on the top that I thing might be a part of the locking mechanism that would keep the switch in an on position.


Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong, but here are some pictures of the switch in question. If anyone could help me find a replacement it would be appreciated.


I would have posted pictures of the coil from the battery bay, but that ended up in a dustpan.





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from an old thread ...




Adding to this thread about the power button switch for the C-380. These are available at Best Electronics: "the New Atari C-380 Locking / latch On/Off Switches are in stock. Cost is only U$D 3.95 each."




I don't know what the part # is I think Bradly has a 20.00 minimum order


the spring could be scavenged from another battery holder


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