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HAMTEXT for ATARI by Kantronics cartridge. Worth anything to anyone?


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I received this in a lot a few months back and looked it up, but not much on it.


I do not have the hardware to support it and have no desire to purchase a Katronics Interface or have a reason for a (TTYP) radio teletype terminal.


Thoughts of value or who would want it?





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I have had a few private messages from members interested in this cartridge.


I am not able to test it out currently because it is only 400/800 compatible and translator disk does not work with cartridges. I only own XE/XL 8-bits, but I will be receiving a 400 from a lot in a couple days and should be able to test the functionality of the cartridge then.


I will not consider offering this cartridge to anyone until I am confident that it is in working order.

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If this had a clean label, I'd say it's worth $100 to $150 ( It's what I've paid for these in the past ).

But with the writing on it, $75+ ,,,


I aced my Tech license 2 years ago :) Haven't used morse code in years though...

That writing is from the manufacturer. Every kantronics cartridge I've seen online has it. Appears to be manufacturer date and some other details about it.


Oops: yes not the handwritten ph#...

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These work fine on XL's and XE's and Incognito 800's :)

Just can't use a printer on Joy Ports 3 - 4...


Learn something every day. Thought it was not compatible with XE/XL because it would load to a blue screen.


All it needed was a good isopropyl cleaning on the end. Booted right up on my 130XE.


I can now confidently say this cartridge does in fact work. I poked around a little bit to see functionality. That's about all I could do...











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So, I wondered about the phone number that is handwritten on the cartridge? I just googled it:


1202 E 23rd Street
66046 Lawrence , KS
United States
Email address: sales@kantronics.com (link sends e-mail)
Phone (U.S. and Canada): 913-842-7745
Fax: 785-842-2031
Web Address:
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I had bought mine from a ham who runs and electronics/ham shop about 7 years back for 25.00 new, he also had the complete TNC set up et al.... I think that I dumped it and there are Atarimax flash cart versions of them now, Dumping it and doing a compare it a great idea, is yours version 1.1?

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Just now, AtariGeezer said:

Check out that thread for HamSoft and Amtor too from kantronics.

What TNC  or Radio Modem do you use?

At this point, it's still to be determined. I will probably pick up an old Kantronics interface and see what I can do about wiring up the cables to mate it up with an IC 746. 

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