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So it took a few days of trying various things to make the cash total number not flicker when you start a new roulette game in my VB game. What actually worked was shifting everything except text one BGMap up. So now the table is BGM1 and the chip is BGM2 and the text is BGM0. I don't know why it worked, I was having so much trouble, I was willing to try every zany thing I could come up with.

This morning, I got the 4 suits displaying in my game. I replaced some lesser-used characters. The heart takes the place of the colon, e.g. This when I'm getting ready to do the blackjack part of the game. I figured out a way to lessen the code a bit. Instead of having 52 individual variables, I decided to have 13, one for each card type. Then the variable would randomly select a suit, and the variable's value will not exceed 4 (one for each suit). Thus, if the game spits out king=3, I would check to see if king had ever equalled 3 and if so, make the variable increase by one, so king would equal 4. If all 4 kings have been used, then I would make it shift to aces. Thankfully, I doubt any blackjack game has ever used all 52 cards before.

I redesigned the spade icon so it looks more like a spade than the previous spade did. I made the "chris's casino" logo in Microsoft Word, something I can't do now since I don't have Word any more. I got angry that you had to subscribe to it to use it, so I ditched it and got LibreOffice for free, which doesn't have WordArt, which I used.

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