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GRAM Kracker Christmas


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9 years ago I boxed up my treasured GRAM Kracker, slapped a customs form on it, and sent it across the pond to a fellow 99er. Times were very tight, I had a new son to take care of, and rent was due. It was a sad day.


For the better part of the last decade, I wished I had found some other way to make ends meet.


Today, my GRAM Kracker came home. Physically in the same condition as when it left me. I just picked it up at the depot on my way to work, so I havent had time to plug it in, but it is here, it is complete, and I couldnt be more pleased.


Thanks Trev. :)






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Im so glad its back to you after its stay with me. I didnt notice anything obvious with the reset switch when I was testing it so I hope it wasnt bashed during transit. I tried to protect it from the rigours of international postage.


I never did change the battery so thats a wise move!




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It was packaged very well, thanks!!!


But you know these international shipping trips. Someone probably used the box as a Rugby ball or a cricket widget or whatever the devil the kids are doing these days.


Good news is, it's in one piece with no broken switches or cracks in the exposed PCB. Everything's complete.



You were a fine steward of the GK... Now I will try to be as well. :D

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Now that we have all the GK info from DCW, perhaps we can fix RESTORE in BASIC?

The RESTORE <line number> issue is with MSAVE & MSAVE6 provided with the GK package, not TI BASIC. RESTORE without a "line number" works (RESTORES to the lowest DATA line number).


Very happy for your very good fortune to get your original 80K GramKracker returned in such excellent condition.

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