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Apple II stuff for sale/trade


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For my own sanity and marital bliss I decided to limit my old retro computing to Commodore stuff. As such I figured I'd throw my stuff up here and see if there is any interest. As most of this stuff was acquired in the last 2-3 years I would prefer to trade for interesting C= stuff as, most folks may not feel like paying the prices I did. smiley.gif.0857bf012e3749675ae8d32052e11 Oh course selling is an option.


Here's the list:

IIgs rom1:

-8mb ram card

-Reactive Micro drive

-High-Speed SCSI Card (Clone)

-Mockingboard (Reactive clone)

-Uthernet II


IIgs rom3:

-Apple ram card fully populated to 1mb

-Apple high-speed scsi card

-Uthernet II


Accessory stuff:

-IIgs rom1 motherboard (working)

-SystemSaver IIgs (Weather stripping foam on the bottom could use restoration)

-2x3.5" drives

-1x5.25" drive

-RGB Monitor, great picture

-Apple ADB keyboard

-2xApple desktop mice (Ergo style)

-Kensington ADB trackball

-Alps ADB trackpad



-Apple RGB monitor (sometimes perfect, sometimes blurry, sometimes skewed. Haven't yet (or probably ever at this point have time to take a look at it:) )

-Apple IIc Plus. Works perfect but top of case is cracked.

-Platinum 5.25" drive (works perfect but case has couple of cracks)

-Joystick IIe (orange buttons) works perfect, but cable is worn and taped)


Here is a list of stuff I would like to aquire:

-Commodore C128D

-Commodore 1581

-1541 Ultimate II cartridge

-Pet 2001 and/or accessories

-Amiga 1000 and/or accessories

-Amiga 3000

-Amiga 1200 keyboard/case

-C= Datasette

-Rare or oddball CBM stuff

-IIe PDS card (For my uncle's Color Classic)


Who knows? Perhaps something else?

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I have limited mine as well....well...somewhat. One Amiga, IIe and IIGS, some PC's and vintage Macs. I used to have a whole lot more but these platforms provide me with just about everything I will ever need ;)


On a side note, this seller is top notch as a seller as well as a really great guy. I have had dealings with him multiple times.

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People aren't that flaky on the Apple II Enthusiasts group. I don't Facebook much aside from the Apple II groups. I just consider it a resource, and frankly it appears be a better monied group than most if you are looking to sell, although familiar with prices for the most part.


I wish I could come up with a reason to buy or trade for some of those setups but I pretty much have the lot of it.

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