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8 minutes ago, ZeroPage Homebrew said:

My enthusiasm for your work might have come through a little strong in the announcement. I think this is extremely important piece of hardware you are working on and I'm very excited for it's future capabilities. I hope people saw that I wrote upcoming and didn't take it like it's ready for release through Amazon tomorrow. I'm hoping to bring attention to your incredible work and this will result in something wonderful. 🙂


I will update my posts with a more toned down announcement, sorry about that.

I was quite excited too when I realized that my idea seems to feasible, but we are not quite there yet. Maybe we can resolve the remaining issues with the help of the community, but it might also be impossible..



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There was speculation on the show tonight about why we didn't include "for the Atari 2600" on the Turbo Arcade box.


Because we don't always include it. :)  RobotWar:2684, Qyx, Zoo Keeper, Gorf Arcade and Lady Bug Arcade don't have that text on the front of the box either. Some of those do mention the 2600 on the back, others don't. There are other homebrew boxes (and labels) that also don't mention the 2600 (collect them all! ;) ). 


Leaving it off had no ulterior reason behind it.

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Based on the Pac-Man discussion during last nights show here's a quick hack of Pac-Man to show the ghosts with different colors.


  • load Pac-Man into Stella
  • hit ` to enter the debugger
  • type the following commands in the prompt
    • rom ff32 00 84
    • rom ff2b 42 a8 4c 28
    • saverom


the first ROM command changes the background and maze colors


the second ROM command changes the 4 ghosts colors.


The original ghost colors were FC EC DC CC, which don't appear to be very different from each other with 15 hz flicker over the blue background.


results of saverom:

Pac-Man (1982) (Atari) color hack.a26



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@djmips - I suspect this question on YouTube is from you:




I closed my YouTube account about 10 years ago, so am answering here.



Yes, I'm writing the game; but, as with all of my other games, that includes contributions from others in the community. For Frantic @espire8 did the graphics and @Nathan Strum created the speech data for the AtariVox. Nathan also runs the AtariVox club to promote the use of the AtariVox in games.


I think somebody also helped with the sound effects but my memory fails me, my notes are lacking, and my forum search (including PMs) didn't turn up anything. The sound effects were done maybe 12 years ago. My suspicion would be either @PacManPlus or @iesposta as they've helped with sound in some of my other games.

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing EVERY LIGHT GUN HOMEBREW for the Atari 2600, 7800 and 8-Bit on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch. We will also be playing the exclusive update of @SmittyB's new light gun game for the Atari 7800! See you there!



  • Ducks Away (Exclusive WIP Update | 7800) by Blake Smith @SmittyB
  • Every Atari 2600, 7800 & 8-Bit Light Gun Homebrew
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1 minute ago, ZeroPage Homebrew said:

I could have sold 4 of them to you in 2011! I'm down to my last two now and they'll probably be buried with me. ;-)

Yeah, I wish I had bought more of these then when they were still reasonably-priced and shipping hadn't skyrocketed.  Why didn't I know you then?!?!



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1 hour ago, littaum said:

So how far back do you stand for light gun games?  Or do you play like me and play at point blank range?


It looks like we'll be about 2-3 feet from the CRT where we're sitting on the couch. It's a 13" Commodore 1702 monitor so it seems like a decent distance for the size.


- James

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On 8/23/2023 at 4:39 PM, ZeroPage Homebrew said:


Ask and you shall receive! Here's the first of the "second batch" of interviews from last year's PRGE just in time for this year's PRGE! ;-) Huge apologies for the incredibly late release of this interview from last year. Thank you once again to @Dionoid for the interview!

Thanks for posting the interview with Dion. Anymore left? This year's PRGE is coming up fast!

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