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If you are on FaceBook, be sure to join the Atari 2600 Homebrew Games Group.


The latest news on Atari 2600 homebrew games and hacks. Also get first shot at new homebrew releases. Members get exclusive first shot at all new NEO Games releases. Most do not make it outside of the group.


ZOMBIE ROAD KILL - Reserve Now!!






TREMORS (Coming Soon)



And other new hack releases like:

Tron Saves Atari



Santa's Workshop



Kaboom Better Color



Always working with AtariAge to make sure you get the highest quality cartridges available!




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Kinderchomper looks like a hack of Fast Food, no?


Correct. Clutch (The Wrestler) has a new documentary that was just released and he wanted an Atari 2600 game themed to his wrestling persona. The game is set up at events like the Fargo Film Festival. The original game was Fast Food but there are several changes made by Nukey Shay and voice added by iesposta.



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Facebook? :roll:


I have tried several different methods and FaceBook seems to be the most successful. Over 3,000 members in a private group with very high participation. Anyone that does not use FaceBook that is a member here at AtariAge just send me a message and I will update you to any new releases as they come up.

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