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Maelstrom 1990's game orig for Mac now Multi-Platform SDL

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I made a custom sound font for this game in the 1990s (available below).

This shows off a little bit of the sounds:



This game was originally for Macintosh OS8 OS9.

Very fun Asteroids with bonus pick-ups and digitized sound.


It was released as muti-platform PC using SDL.

The game can be downloaded here:



My custom sound font is attached.

You back-up the existing Maelstrom_Sounds.

Unzip my attached file, and replace the original with my sound.



I usually remap the controls to the keypad as 4=left 6=right 5-fire "where your thumb rests"=thrust and then "to the left of where your thumb rests OR spacebar"= shields

Then you can play with one hand.

Or remap the controls to a controller pad.


Comments appreciated.

I spent a lot of time finding samples that match what is going on in the game.

Some of the default sounds were just too good to change, so I left those alone.

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I need to add that in the capture above, the bottom of the screen is not shown.

When displayed properly, it shows score, level, bonus items picked up, shields...


I though this would be more popular, being an Asteroids and Led Zeppelin mash up game.

I wonder if not many people visit "Classic Gaming General"?

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