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Using INPT0-5 as output


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In a recent status update discussion, @CPUWIZ mentioned that you can use all the controller pins (other than +v and gnd) as output. I've used the SWCHA pins as output using SWACNT, but I haven't seen documentation explaining how to use INPT0-5 as output. Was I misunderstanding what he said, or is there some way to accomplish this?

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Huh, so you can just write to them directly, and it works as output? I'll be jiggered.



Just look at devos0.2 source for what I am talking about, the 7800 joystick ports are connected the same way.


My google-fu is failing me. Where can I find the source you speak of?



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Only pins connected to the RIOT are bidirectional (pins 1-4 on each port), while the TIA ones (pins 5,6 and 9) are inputs only.
Actually you can use the TIA function to discharge the paddle lines (pins 5 and 9 on each port) as another (sort of) output.
There are some restrictions, though:
- you need pullup resistors on the paddle lines or they'll stay low after the caps are discharged.
- charge and discharge of the capacitors will take some time (which depends on the value of the pullup resitors)
- You can only charge/discharge all 4 paddle lines at once.

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