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Interesting, I don't know if I've ever heard of that. Stuff like the Yoko Game Copier and the like, but not a cartridge --> tape transfer device.


I'm not sure how much of a benefit it would have been in practice, though. Even just having one tape full of games, you still have to FF/RW through it to find the one you want (heaven help you if you didn't write down the tape marker positions), wait for them to load (however short the load times might be, they're still longer than the time it takes to swap out and boot a cartridge), and you still need a tape recorder and that monstrosity sticking out of your Atari, which immediately cancels out the benefit of not having to keep actual carts handy. And if you had a cart go bad (why else would you need to back it up, right?), it can't have been that hard to get it replaced.


I guess maybe if you didn't care what the actual media format was, and didn't care about having a really clunky setup, it might have been possible to buy carts, copy them onto tape, return or sell the carts, and make/save a little bit of money.


Don't get me wrong, I'd still buy one if I found it in a Goodwill or someplace. :-D :P But it does seem like...how to put it diplomatically?...a solution to a problem no one had. :)

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I thought it was a "hey kids, make free copies of expensive cartridges that your rich friends have, oops, we mean make backup copies of games that you own." Then the expensive games soon dropped to 7 dollars or less, so nobody needed it. :D

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Never heard of this one. Thanks for sharing!

There was a similar device released in Brazil called the "Copy Game"
It was made of two parts: the "copier" and the "cartridge simulator" (a double ender cart: one side plugged into the console, the other one in the copier). To copy a game to tape, the copier worked as a standalone device, while to play a game from tape it was connected to the console through the cartrdige simulator.

Another one that needs to be mentioned is the "Atari Game Recorder", which was a DIY project published in 3 part on the "Radio Electronics" magazine from December 1984 to February 1985.

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I have seen this in person and know of a person who owns one.


The shirt, or the SuperCharger clone? I know at least 4 people who have one of those. I think I have a broken one somewhere.


I don't know anyone with the shirt though. :)

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