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800xl Memory test - All green, but only 40 boxes?


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Hi all,


I just picked up an XL cheap. It all seems to be functioning and I was planning to refurbish and clean the case and keys. But I'm getting an odd result on the RAM test. Only 40 boxes appear, all green, before it loops round and re-tests each one.


Does this mean a chip is completely missing?



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I've just noticed that typing ?FRE(0) also seems to return 37902... the correct number for a 48k machine! Did Atari release 48k XLs in the UK?! Or do I just have some missing memory?

The rest is already 'in use' -> in BASIC type:


Start Memory Test - the missing 'blocks' already in use are shown in red.

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Ahh ok! I'm too used to my 48k 400... not up to speed with this modern technology!


Presumably because I initiated the test from basic using the BYE command? The option key is a bit temperamental but I'll keep jiggling it until it works.

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When BASIC is enabled (by default) it "overlays" 8KB of the RAM address space, turning it ROM. Holding option allows that 8KB to be RAM, and can then be tested by the self test.


There are other 3rd party test programs that will test the additional 16KB under the OS ROM as well.

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