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So whenever I lay on the couch and go to sleep on it, I have these weird dreams where I think I'm up and walk around and do my mundane stuff. Then I wake up and realize it was all a dream. I woke up at 11am to go back to sleep on the couch and be with the dog while Mom left.

Last night, I decided to work on the slot machine some more despite me saying earlier that I wouldn't. I put in a temporary front to the slot machine so it wouldn't take up the whole screen. This took a long time to do since I was battling the real Virtual Boy's latest thing to upset me by making the screen go crazy. So i finally conquered that. Finally went to sleep at 1am. So I keep getting about 12 hours of sleep each night because I wake up after the eighth or so and still feel sleepy so I go back to sleep.

So the next thing to do is design a real slot machine front.

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