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Gridrunner Unlocked for Jeff Minter Classics on Atari Jaguar


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Last fall we released Jeff Minter Classics for the Atari Jaguar, containing two of Jeff Minter's most popular classic computing titles: Llamatron: 2112 and Revenge of the Mutant Camels. The excellent Atari ST versions of these games were brought to the Jaguar by Lawrence Staveley (author of Rebooteroids), joined together by a beautiful menu illustrated by William Thorup. Stunning artwork was also created by William Thorup for the box, manual, label and included double-sided poster.

In celebration of Jeff Minter's announcement of a Playstation 4 port of Gridrunner, we're excited to reveal that Gridrunner has been hidden inside all copies of Jeff Minter Classics sold to date! We've put together a video that shows how you can unlock Gridrunner. Once you've done so, Gridrunner will be displayed on the menu when the cartridge boots up, so you only need to unlock it once:

As an added bonus for Gridrunner, you can choose to use an Amiga or Atari ST mouse (with a proper adapter) to control your ship, in addition to the stock Jaguar controller. Playing Gridrunner with a mouse is a blast!

If you don't already have a copy of Jeff Minter Classics, you can pick up a copy in the AtariAge Store. Happy Easter to all Atari Jaguar fans!

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Check the video. It had to be unlocked to get the footage to make the video. I'm not that good at faking videos.**

Plus, if you check the manual to the game or are familiar with a certain one of Yak's quote(s), there's quite the hint as to its legitimacy. :)

(**or am I...? ;) )

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Guessing some people might like to try this, mind you a double April fool.

Last I checked, a year is 365.25 days


Last I checked, only one of those is inappropriate for - undoubtedly - important announcements of this nature. Leaving us with what - over 364 days available?


YMMV, but -hey- I could be wrong...

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It's called Easter egg.... duuuhhh

Care to share which religious community recognizes Easter as a single-day, April First, event ? It is, after all, not such an absurd idea, given the indisputable differences in timings&essence of another major event (Christmas) in U.S. ...


Just curious, as I find it fascinating how the various communities diverged from their original culture after coming here from Europe (and some managed to do so in less than half century).

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I'll flow with ya!

In my Swedish/EU calendar today is April the 1st 2018 and also, at the same time, the Easter Sunday*, the day Jesus resurrected "three" days after his harsh death on the cross. He rolled the stone away from the crypt and wandered the outskirts as, what could be described, a holy zombie doing some fantastic stuff, within the context of the religion they call Christianity, which emanates from the Middle-east.


* "Easter day" ---- https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/P%C3%A5skdagen


The funny thing with this year 2018 is that the Easter is really early and the holy days of Easter in Christianity overlaps the April's fools day!! Ha ha


You see??

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