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The official INTYBASIC SHOWCASE VOL 2 thread - IntellivisionRevolution


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IntyBasic Showcase Vol. 2 - collection of 3 games for the Mattel Intellivision.


Coming in 2018. Programmed by Nanochess. Release details coming soon.


2048 - puzzle game



Meteor Storm - 3D space shooter game



Oh Mummy - action game


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2048 and Oh Mummy in this collection have been vastly improved over the publicly released ROM, snow levels, enhanced graphics, more themes, more sound, more eye candy, the list of enhancements is endless!


Meteor Storm is an all-new game that hasn't been released previously ;) and has some nice eye candy also ;)


We got pretty delayed when Meteors got so good that Rev wanted a standalone release of it, because I couldn't find another good idea for the showcase!!!


But in the end I got the idea for Meteor Storm and it resulted awesome :) it's a mix of Earth Dies Screaming, Star Wars Arcade and Subroc. Didn't even remember of Blockade Runner until someone asked me if it was based on it!!!


Even better as beta-testers thrown ideas at random and amazingly I was able to implement several of these.


mthompson had the idea for dropping supplies into a planet, and I made a 3-D planet and all :grin:


Rev throw the idea of a light-speed travel, and it got into the game :)


Of course also a freezed spaceship because snow in space, and a coffee stand hidden ;)


Rev also got the idea of a Rev splattered against the windshield, and it got into the game, well not, I think it was a bug splattered against the windshield :P



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