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Luxor Video Entertainment (Fairchild Channel F) on/off switch mod


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One thing that annoys me with the PAL version of the Luxor Video Entertainment (Fairchild Channel F) model 1 is that it does not have an on/off switch and the only way to turn the console on and off is to pull out the power cord (It is like this on the swedish PAL version at least) So now I wonder, is it possible to add an on/off switch to the PAL console? Or if I could get some info on how the on/off switch on the NTSC consoles are wired, cus it seems a little confusing to me since there is 4 cords that goes into the console from the Power Supply. And the PAL consoles have the same shell as the NTSC ones it seems like cus it still has a square hole on the back made for an on/off switch, and it says "ON/OFF" at the back too so it should probably look nice to add one.

Edit: Oops! I'm sorry! Seems I accidently posted this in the wrong part of the forum... Hope someone can move this to the right place.

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