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Apple UniDisk upper Read head Problem

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O.K. So sorry it took me so long to get back to this, but I have a Major update, and a new question. I used some super glue to reattach the read head back to the arm, and reinstalled it back into the drive. To my surprise, it actually reads disks now! BUT, only double density disks (this was a high density drive). And that's my new question: why? What happened?


I did replace the eject motor, but I can't believe that would make much of a difference as it came from another high density drive.

(also this was an external drive). I thought maybe that was the problem, since it only started reading disks when I installed it to a double density external board from another drive, but when I installed it into one of my Mac SEs, and still, just double density. The SE originally had a high density drive.


So, to sum it up. I've managed to take a non functional High Density Apple Unidisk drive, and tun it into an internal Double Density Drive in my Mac SE, and I don't know how I did it? I'm thinking about declaring victory now, but I would still like it to read a high density disks.


Maybe this should be a new topic now.

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